Walker, a spoof on the name of the then-popular TV show Walker, Texas Ranger, is a very strict vigilante and warden who runs the prison of the Ghost Zone. He enjoys law and order and often commands with an iron fist; whoever so much as disobeys one rule from his law book is in trouble. To justify his cause, he often makes up the rule as he abides by them and is not above using dirty measures to keep the Ghost Zone clean and corruption-free. As an act of revenge for causing a riot in his prison and allowing prisoners to escape, Walker turned the entire city of Amity Park against Danny Phantom, forcing the ghost boy to endure the city's hatred until Pariah Dark's invasion reversed Danny's negative reputation.

Nicktoons Unite!Edit

Walker appeared as the first mini-boss from Nicktoons Unite! He trapped the four heroes inside of the Ghostzone Prison in order of Vlad. When they tried to escape he battled them.

Nicktoons: Toons WarsEdit

Walker appears again as a mini-boss in Nicktoons: Toons Wars. They encountered him again in the Ghostzone Prison and fought them again in order from Vlad.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Walker is shown to have control over the guards from the Ghostzone Prison in Nicktoons Unite! When he fights self he only stomps on the ground creating shockwaves of energy, he also is shown to teleport.

In Nicktoons: Toons Wars he can also create shockwaves and teleport but uses it on a better way. He now also can preform a ghostpunch when his opponents are to close.


  • He is the only ghost not to be an assist character.