MiMi is a SIR unit who was built for Tak on planet Dirt. Her disguise is also holographic, and is generated as a cat. Like GIR, she is easily distinguishable from other SIR units. She has no dialogue in the show. She is taken over with GIR's personality and is dismembered in the process. She thinks of GIR as arrogant. Piggy: Piggy is a live piggy that GIR has been seen having tea and watching movies with. GIR seems to have a fascination with piggies, because he also has a large collection of rubber piggies, which are thrown into a time machine by Zim to destroy Dib.

Nicktoons: Toons WarsEdit

Tak & MiMi

Tak & MiMi

MiMi appears as a playable character in Nicktoons: Toons Wars along with Tak as duocharacter.

Special MovesEdit

Dash SpinEdit

Dash Spin is Tak and MiMi's neutral special. Tak orders MiMi to make a quick spin around Tak. When someone comes in contact with MiMi's spin they will receive great damage.

PAK BeamEdit

PAK Beam is Tak and MiMi's side special. The spider legs will come out of Tak's PAK and then will shoot a giant green beam backwards. The move will also push Tak slightly forwards, the opponents will receive massive damage by this.

Space JumpEdit

Space Jump is Tak and MiMi's up special. Tak and MiMi both will jump very high, MiMi actually becomes a lightblue light during this and Tak will go invisible during the jump. When an opponent is in their way they only receive a bit knockback.

SIR ClawEdit

SIR Mimi
SIR Claw
is Tak and MiMi's down special. Tak will order MiMi to use her claw to grab the opponent. MiMi will extend her arm to grab the opponent and then slam them down right behind Tak, so she can immidiately attack them.

Spittle RunnerEdit

Spittle Runner 1
Spittle Runner
is Tak and MiMi's War Strike. Tak and MiMi will step into the Spittle Runner and then will fly upwards out of the screen. The ship then will go to the forground and then a bullet point will appear and Tak can shoot lasers out of the canons by pressing the attack button and explosive bombs with the special attack button.

Special CostumeEdit

Sir Unit

MiMi's special costume is her appearance as SIR Unit. They seem to be made out of a metal that is both durable and flexible, as they are able to change the shape of their eyes to form facial expressions, and GIR is able to move and manipulate his mouth to form words. In one of the cancelled episodes, GIR survives being hit by a car without gaining any injuries whatsoever. They are also able to regrow lost body parts, as GIR is seen multiple times losing his head or his arm, only for the part to reappear, good as new, soon after. Alternatively, he may have just been repaired by Zim, or the sudden fixes could be a result of cartoon physics.