Kitty Katswell

Kitty Katswell is T.U.F.F.'s number one agent and is Dudley's partner and best friend. Skilled in various fighting styles and use of firearms, short tempered, and easily startled, this feline is a force to be reckoned with. Being a cat, she naturally fights with Dudley on various occasions; usually in kiddish slap fights as if they were siblings. However, as the episodes progressed, she warms up more and more to Dudley as he presents his courage, skill, and respect for her and T.U.F.F. and they later become heartfelt friends.

Nicktoons MLBEdit

Kitty appears as a playable character in Nicktoons MLB. She throws right-handed.


  • Fastball: ****
  • Splitter: *****
  • Curveball: ***
  • Enfuego: ****

Nicktoons: Toons WarsEdit

Kitty appears as a playable character in Nicktoons: Toons Wars.

Special MovesEdit

T.U.F.F. GunEdit

T.U.F.F. Gun is Kitty's neutral special. Kitty pulls out her gun and then shoots a bullet towards the opponent. The bullet goes pretty fast but doesn't do much damage or knockback, and you can shoot is rapidly after each other

Claw TornadoEdit

Claw Tornado is Kitty's side special. Kitty holds her claws out and then starts to spin around very fast and the moves sidewards. When Kitty hits the opponent they will receive rapidly damage and then is thrown away at the end.

Rope GunEdit

Rope Gun is Kitty's up special. Kitty pulls out her gun again and then shoots a rope upwards and then pulls herself up to there. When she doesn't hit anything the rope will fall down and come bakc into the gun. The rope automaticly attatches to the closest edge.

Mine FieldEdit

Mine Field is Kitty's down special. Kitty pulls out her gun again and then shoots small packs towards the ground while she then lifts it upward. The packs release and reveal a line of mines on the ground. Kitty is able to walk over them without them exploding but if an opponent steps on them they will explode.

Mega BeamEdit

Mega Beam is Kitty's War Strike. Kitty will press a button on her watch which reveals a giant laser that then shoots a mega beam forwards that almost completely cover the whole stage. When the beam hits the opponent they will on most occasions KO the opponents.

Special CostumeEdit

Kitty - Stewardess
Kitty's special costume is her stewardess uniiform. This is one of her many disguises she uses and used it when she attended the plane.