Jack Fenton

Jack Fenton is the most obsessed with ghost-hunting. He jumps into action before thinking and can make a bad situation even worse. While he can often act clumsy and incompetent, he holds a great deal of courage and is an adequate fighter, at one point clashing toe-and-toe against Vlad Plasmius and defeating him, much to the latter's surprise and embarrassment. He is a genius who has a good amount of technical knowledge, and is able to conjure up working ghost gadgets and defense systems built all around the Fenton household. He also has a maturity and seriousness that few people recognize and can get serious and show great skill when danger threatens his loved ones.

Nicktoons Unite!Edit

Jack appears as a NPC in Nicktoons Unite! He was captured along with his wife Maddie by Vlad Plasmius. Eventually the heroes came to save them and defeated Vlad with the help of Danny who overshadowed his father. They could escape before Jack and Maddie came to consious.

Nicktoons: Toons WarsEdit

Jack & Maddie
Jack appears along with Maddie as an assist trophy in Nicktoons: Toons Wars.

When he is summoned he and Maddie will start to attack the opponents with their ectoplasmic energy weapons. Maddie will use a small shotgun and rapidly shoots while Jack shoots with a bazooka-like weapon.