Unlce Iroh

Iroh commonly known as the "Dragon of the West", Iroh is a Firebending master and former heir to the Fire Nation throne. After the death of his son at the Siege of Ba Sing Se, Iroh's younger brother Ozai was named Fire Lord. Iroh, unlike most firebenders, is shown in tune with all four elements. He is also very well-versed in the history of firebending methods and generates his fire and lightning not from fury, as is conventional, but from a sense given him by dragons, the original source of firebending. As a member of the Order of the White Lotus, Iroh has social connections throughout the Four Nations, and thereupon organized the release of the city Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation's rule. At the end of the series, his self-stated wish is to resume operation of a tea-shop therein.

Nicktoons MLBEdit

Iroh appeared as a background character in Nicktoons MLB, he is seen sitting in the tribune.

Nicktoons: Toons WarsEdit

Iroh appears as a collectable trophy in Nicktoons: Toons Wars.