Ember McLain
Ember mclain

real name

anne maria


unnamed father unnamed mother roxas cousin unnamed grandparents young xehanort cousin saix cousin riku great grandson tanya kent Younger sister bridegette sister


tara strong

Ember McLain is a power-hungry musician she the daughte of ember's dad who hates authority. She thirsts for attention and has a seductively cutting, sarcastic personality. For this, she gains power when people say her name, as is shown in her first appearance when she attempted to gain power by performing the song Remember live and broadcasting worldwide in the hope that everyone would chant her name at the same time and empower her. She is somewhat similar to a siren, as she can also hypnotize her victims, using her guitar as her main mode of hypnotism as well as a weapon.

Nicktoons: Toons WarsEdit

Ember appears as an unlockable character in Nicktoons: Toons Wars.

Special MovesEdit

Ghost FistEdit

Punch Beam is Ember's neutral special. Ember sets the knob on her guitar to the fist icon and then plays while she fires a giant punch beam (a giant fist) forwards damaging the opponents in it's way. The fist only goes as half of Blimp.

Skull BeamEdit

Skull Beam is Ember's side special. Ember sets her knob on the skull icon and begins playing then charges up the beam and then will fire a long green beam with skulls inside of it. The beam goes all the way to the end.

Guitar GliderEdit

Guitar Glider is Ember's up special. Ember's guitar is placed vertically in the air and she jumps onto and then is able to fly upwards and sidewards a little. This is only for a few seconds after that she drops down in a helpless state.

Hypno SpellEdit

Hypno Spell is Ember's down special. Ember sets her knob to the spiral icon and then fires a strange circle twist taht goes forwards. When it hits the opponent they will be confused and can't controle their moves good for a little while (about 20 seconds).


Remember is Ember's War Strike. Ember sets her knob to the music note icon and then starts to play the short version of her own song Remember. While she's doing this her ponytail will flame very high and her eyes glow. Several kinds of music notes will be send through the field hurting the opponent masive when it hits them. After her song is done the notes will disappear and she will turn back to normal.

Special CostumeEdit

Ember - Pirate
Ember's special costume is her pirate costume from the episode: Pirate Radio. Where Ember creates a song that adults get hypnotized by (actually a mellow, ballad version of Remember) so that they go to a fake cruise, called M. Bersback, a poorly hidden message for "Ember's back". With this, she teams up with Captain Youngblood. However, she just leaves/escapes the ship, after she accidentally burns the ship's sail, vowing to return. Despite her involvement in the plot, she was not the primary villain of the episode as she was merely a mercenary hired by Youngblood.