El Tigre- Manny Rivera

El Tigre also known as Manny Rivera, is a 13-year-old Mexican-born boy who, apart from a scar across his left eye, appears no different from any other boy his age. But looks are deceiving, because Manny is the son of the legendary hero, White Pantera, and grandson of the evil super villain, Puma Loco, and is, himself, the alter-ego El Tigre. Manny is friendly and out going, yet does not yet know if he is a Hero or a villain. He wants to be good for his father, Rodolfo, but can't resist being bad like his grandfather, Granpapi Rivera, from time to time. When El Tigre spins his mystical belt buckle, Mike And Owen Want To Helphe transforms into the brave and powerful tiger-themed superhero El Tigre.

Nicktoons: Attack of the ToybotsEdit

El Tigre appears as a data-trophy on the homeconsole version of the Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots.

On the DS version of the game he appears as a playable characters. El Tigre can attack with his claws.

Nicktoons: Toons WarsEdit

Special MovesEdit

Vicious UppercutEdit

Vicious Uppercut is El Tigre's neutral special. El Tigre does multiply slashes and punches and ends with a kick that sends the opponent into the air.

Spin CycloneEdit

Spin Cyclone is El Tigre's side special. El Tigre spins with his razor sharp claws to make a shredding tornado and can slightly move around then.

Chain ClawEdit

Claw Shot is El Tigre's up special. El Tigre shoots his claw into the air with help from the chains that extend when shot into the air. If he hits something he can decide to throw it away, when he doesn't hit the chains pull the claws back. This move can be used as recovery move.

Savage SlashEdit

Savage Slash is El Tigre's down special. He goes forwards and slashes the opponent upwards and jumps above him and if you press down he also slashes the opponent to the ground. If not El Tigre just drops down to the ground.

Ancient Tiger SpiritEdit

Ancient Tigre spirit

Ancient Tiger Spirit is El Tigre's War Strike. El Tigre summons a glowing green tiger-shaped energy from himself that mimics all the moves El Tigre does but it does much more damage. The Ancient Tiger Spirit last for a few seconds and then disappears again.

Special CostumeEdit

El Tigre - Mustache Maffia

Manny undercover by the Mustache Mafia.

El Tigre's special costume is the doctor