Dudley Puppy

Dudley Puppy is a dimwitted and hyperactive white mixed-breed dog who wears nothing more than a black shirt (a shirt at all) and has a habit of chewing on his butt. Keswick's DNA analyzation shows that Dudley is the "perfect mix of every breed of dog known to man." Since each breed of dog has a special trait, (Bloodhound's sensitive nose, Greyhound's speed, German Shepherd's bravery and a "splash" of Billy Goat which cannot be explained, even by Keswick) Dudley's overall "natural" skills makes him a formidable agent. Dudley is also quite gluttonous and childish which often is displayed by his lack of self control whenever he's hungry. However, despite his eccentric personality; his bravery and natural skills are an asset to T.U.F.F. in times of need and he can be pretty sensible when needed and usually comes up with really clever plans to stop his enemies.

Nicktoons MLBEdit

Dudley appears as a playable character in Nicktoons MLB. He throws right-handed.


  • Fastball: *****
  • 2 Seam: ****
  • Curveball: ***
  • Changeup: ****

Nicktoons: Toons WarsEdit

Dudley appears as a playable character in Nicktoons: Toons Wars.

Special MovesEdit


Bite is Dudley's neutral special. Dudley bites forwards, when he hits an opponent they will get trapped in his mouth and he can pummel with them.

Puppy BashEdit

Puppy Bash is Dudley's side special. Dudley goes on four paws and starts to charge his jump. When it is fully charged or the special button is pressed again he bashes forwards knocking the opponent back and thus does many knockback, but little damage.

Speed JumpEdit

Speed Jump is Dudley's up special. Dudley first goes on four legs and then launches himself upwards by jumping up. When he uses this in air he automaticly jump upwards but in air he goes not as high then when on the ground. When he hits someone he takes them with him and throws them on the ground.

Bone StompEdit

Bone Stomp is Dudley's down special. Dudley pulls out a giant plastic chewing bone and then slams down on the ground creating a small earthshock that does massive damage. This move is preformed fast but has very short range.

T.U.F.F. SpecialEdit

T.U.F.F. Special is Dudley's War Strike. Dudley suddenly thinks he hears something, gets very excited and then runs around like a wild dog while he barks loudly. Anyone who he rushes into gets massive knockback while the barking creates massive damage.

Special CostumeEdit

Dudley - Iron Mutt
Dudley's special costume is the Iron Mutt from the episode with the same name. Keswick creates a super suit that makes Dudley the biggest hero in Petropolis! Dudley's fame goes to his head, though, so it's up to Kitty to bring him to his senses and save Petropolis.