Dr. Blowhole

Dr. Blowhole is a bottlenose dolphin who first appeared in Dr. Blowhole's Revenge, though it is clear that the Penguins have known him for a long time. Originally using the persona, "Flippy", Dr. Blowhole performed tricks at the aquarium in Coney Island. His signature trick was jumping through "The Ring of Fire", which may be what caused the cyborg replacement on his right eye.

Special MovesEdit

Laser RayEdit

Laser Ray is Dr. Blowhole's neutral special. Dr. Blowhole presses the yellow button on his segway and a laser gun comes out and fires a thin but fast laser fowards.

Bomb LauncherEdit

Bomb Launcher is Dr. Blowhole's side special. Dr
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. Blowhole presses the blue button on his Segway and then a cannon comes out of it and fires a bomb. The bomb will continue to roll when landed on the ground until it hits something and explodes or falls of the stage.

Surrounding BubbleEdit

Surrounding Bubble is Dr. Blowhole's up special. Dr. Blowhole presses the green button on his Segway that creates a bubble around him that causes him to go upwards but not very high. The bubble can't be destroyed.

X-Ray VisionEdit

Blowhole 1
X-Ray Vision
in Dr. Blowhole's down special. Dr. Blowhole uses his cyborg eye to scan the opponent and then copy the last special move used by the opponent when pressed the side special button again.

Chrome ClawEdit

Chrome Claw
is Dr. Blowhole's War Strike. Dr. Blowhole presses the red button on his Segway and then the Chrome Claw appears who walks around the stage and slams on the ground causing the opponents to fly who are near him.

Special CostumeEdit

Dr. Blowhole - Orca
Dr. Blowhole's special costume is an Orca. He hasn't appeared in the series as an Orca but also doesn't take another form in an episode because of his few appearances.