Dark Laser

Dark Laser was originally just a toy, the leader of a series of toys modeled after the Empire from Star Wars, with Dark Laser himself being a parody of Darth Vader. When Timmy's magic copy machine brought Dark Laser to life, he quickly set off to cause destruction in Dimmsdale. After being defeated by Timmy, Dark Laser swore revenge, and has resided in space actively trying to trick Timmy Turner and lure the boy to him so that he can destroy him. It is not clear if Dark Laser is an alien, a toy, or a robot, though he considers his attacks on Earth as an "invasion". Dark Laser also has a toy dog called Flipsie, which was also made by Timmy in the magic copier before Dark Laser stole him, and made Flipsie his companion.

Special MovesEdit

Dark BlasterEdit

Dark Blaster
is Dark Laser's neutral special. Dark Laser pulls out his blaster and fires a giant beam of pink energy to the opponent. The opponent will afterwards suffer from shocks.

Dark TroopersEdit

Dark Troopers
is Dark Laser's side special. Dark Laser calls one of his Dark Troopers and then sends him on the field. The Dark Trooper will be walking around and will shoot on the opponent.

Hover BootsEdit

Hover Boots is Dark Laser's up special. Dark Laser's shoes begin to hover above the stage and he then charges to boost himself up, while charging the player can decide which direction Dark Laser is going. When he fires upwards he holds his fist out so he can hurt an opponent who is in the way of Black Cuervo.

The ForceEdit

The Force is Dark Laser's down special. Dark Laser grabs an opponent and traps him in the air leaving the opponent open for attacks. This only lasts for a few seconds.

Death Star MinishipEdit

Death Star Miniship
is Dark Laser's War Strike. Dark Laser calls his miniship and steps into it. Then he starts to hover in the north-west corner of the stage and fires a giant beam of energy on the stage which only can be dodged by going to the east-right corner.

Special CostumeEdit

Dark Laser - LOSER
Dark Laser's special costume is him in his LOSER shirt from the episode When Losers Attack. Dark Laser after a bad day goes to a cafe and there meets Mr. Crocker and Foop and they discover that they all have in common that they hate Timmy Turner and they decide to form a team. They try to kill Turner but fail then they get help from Vicky but once again fail.