Black Cuervo- Zoë Aves

Black Cuervo is the supervillain alter-ego of Zoë Aves. She is the 3rd Super Villain introduced and is in fact the first female supervillain that debuted in the series. Black Cuervo combines physical moves and lasers in her attacks, and as a part of the The Flock of Fury, she is equipped with jet propelled wings that allow her to fly at great speed and altitude. Black Cuervo is also one of the few individuals that actually keeps her identity secret.

Special MovesEdit

Laser Cannon

Laser Cannon is Black Cuervo's neutral special. Black Cuervo's laser cannon comes out of her glove and fires a laser ball of purple energy. It goes pretty fast and does regular damage.

Nail GunEdit

Nail Gun is Black Cuervo's side special. Black Cuervo hold her hand up and fires four of her purple nails towards the opponent. When she shoots all four go in a different direction, one up one up-middle, one down-middle and down.

Raven FlightEdit

Raven Flight is Black Cuervo's up special. Black Cuervo activates her jet and then goes into a flight. She can fly around in any direction for 5 seconds. She can also slash during flight, but nothing else.

Vendetta StrikeEdit

Vendetta Stike is Black Cuervo's down special. Black Cuervo's nails began to glow and she slashes around herself damaging everyone near her.

Flock of Fury Laser Cannon

Flock of Fury Laser Cannon is Black Cuervo's War Strike. Black Cuervo calls for help from her mother; Voltura and her grandmother; Lady Gobbler and together they form the laser cannon and all fire a giant blast of green, orange and purple energy towards the opponent.

Special CostumeEdit

Black Cuervo - Zoë Avez

dark princess

Black Cuervo's special costume is her alter-ego Zoë Avez. Zoë is a goth girl who attends the Leone Middle School. Zoë hates Frida very much because she is so close with Manny and she has a crush on Manny. Zoë Avez's alter-ego is Black Cuervo and with that alter-ego she makes plans to make Manny love her. She eventually gets into a relationship with him until Manny breaks up again. Nobody knows that Zoë is Black Cuervo except for her mother and grandmother.