Bessie Higgenbottom

Elizabeth Kajolica "Bessie" Higgenbottom, is the 10 year old main protagonist and the most ambitious Honeybee scout in the troop. She speaks with a lateral lisp and is claustrophobic. As a member of the Honeybees, Bessie wears her uniform every single day, puts tons of energy, zest, and zeal into everything she does, and has earned more Bee Badges than any Honeybee in history. She also has very poor eyesight and wears glasses. She believes that if she can collect every single Honeybee badge, she will become her alter-ego superhero known as The Mighty B, the superhero has abilities range from super strength to logic skills.

Special MovesEdit

Fishing BadgeEdit

Fishing Badge
is Bessie's neutral special. Bessie pulls out a fishing rod and then throws it forwards. When she caught anyone she can throw them behind of here. There is a special technique when you throw the opponent backwards and then go forwards again you slam the opponent against the ground.

Archer badgeEdit

Archer Badge
is Bessie's side special. Bessie pulls out a bow and an arrow and then can fire an arrow towards the opponent. This is a chargeble move, the more you charge the straighter it goes.

Rock Climber BadgeEdit

Rock climbing
Rock Climber
Badge is Bessie's up special. Bessie pulls out a rope and throws it upwards when it attatches to something Bessie is able to swing. When she doesn't attatches to anything the rope will fall and she pulls it back.

Fire Safety BadgeEdit

Fire Safety Badge
is Bessie's down special. Bessie throws some wood on the ground and then starts a fire. The fire stays there for a little while and hurts anyone touching it, it also fires some small sparks that also do small damage.

The Mighty B!Edit

The Mighty B!
is Bessie's War Strike. Bessie transforms into the Mighty B and then does a bee cry and summons a whole army of bees that start attacking the opponent. After this Bessie returns back to normal.

Special CostumeEdit

Bessie - Psychic
Bessie's special costume is her in her psychic costume from the episode An I See Bee. Bessie thinks she is a psychic and goes around the city to tell people their future and what they have done. She then also tells how Penny's birthday will go but fails in saying it and wants to cheer her up by giving her the birthday she had in mind and so eventually she predicted it right.