Princess Azula. Despite cameo appearances in the first season of the series, Azula became the primary antagonist only in the second season. She is a gifted Firebending master, able to produce both fire and lightning. After Admiral Zhao's death, Azula is sent to stop Aang at all costs, but also to capture and humiliate Zuko. She lacks empathy, treats people as expendable, and is unable to view them as her equals. Her amorality and ability to act without hesitation or remorse also accounts for her ability to create lightning, which skill requires peace of mind. Despite her cruel temperament, she becomes distraught, and later insane, when abandoned by her friends Mai and Ty Lee.

Special MovesEdit

Lightning ShockEdit

Azula fires Lightning

Lightning Shock is Azula's neutral special. Azula creates a stream of lightning and then points it forwards towards the opponent. When hit the opponent the opponent will suffer from shocks.

Fire JetEdit

Azula's blue fire jets

Fire Jet is Azula's side special. Azula creates two big blue flames from out of her fists and then holds them backwards and blasts herself forwards hurting anyone in her way or behind her.

Lightning KickEdit

Azula fights Zuko

Lightning Kick is Azula's up special. Azula jums into the air and flips forwards and when she hits the ground s string of blue fire comes from her foot over the stage. When she flips and hits someone that person will suffer from shocks.

Blue Flame ShieldEdit

Duel vs. Azula

Blue Flame Shield is Azula's down special. Azula let's blue flames rise from the ground and forms a half-circle around her that protects her. If an opponent is close to her when she does this move he/she will get damaged, but when someone just walks against it, it doesn't do anything.

Blazing Blue FireEdit

830px-Azula's blazing blue fire attack

Blazing Blue Fire is Azula's War Strike. Azula starts to run creating a sea of blue fire beneath her and she run forwards and releases a giant blast of blue fire forwards.

Special CostumeEdit

Azula - Dai Li.

Azula's special costume is from the time she was in the Earth-Nation in her Dai Li uniform. Afterwards, she confided to Ty Lee and Mai that she planned to take control of the Dai Li and take down Ba Sing Se from the inside. She developed a plan to inform the Dai Li of their true nature and thus spread the word on to their leader, Long Feng. The plan was successful and Azula was taken by Dai Li agents in the middle of the night to Long Feng, who struck a deal with her. He gave her control of the Dai Li to overthrow the government in exchange for the Avatar.